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Last update: January 19th 2019

Is it possible to make a full time income or a good part time income online?

Yes it is and there are many different paths to reach your own personal financial goals.  I originally started selling online through eBay back in 1999 and progressed on to running a series of profitable niche websites.  They were all steady income sources that allowed me to explore more diverse business opportunities.

I am not one to beat about the bush so lets get straight in. Think small.  A little but regular income from various sources soon builds up to be a good monthly income.  The best survey takers are members of hundreds of survey companies and panels.  They literally have more work than they can do so pick and choose to get the higher income surveys with a low rejection rate.  You just need to be flexible and work out which companies/clients work best with your personal skills and demographics.

How to start….

The first place to start is to sign up to as many free survey sites as possible that actually pay a reasonable amount.  As there are good and bad sites with new ones launched every day it is helpful to have a guide.  Which is why I have written this article with various links to Survey websites I currently use. Feel free to join any or check them out on Survey Police/Google. If you click on one of the links I will get a small commission which is a nice thank you if you like this article.

Once you have decided to start you can sign up to a few companies and fill in any information they request. The more information you give, the better targeted the surveys they send you will be. Be consistent and take your time. This is not a race.

As you sign up to 5 or more sites you will start to get the odd survey. Don’t be put off if you get the same survey twice as this happens. Just don’t take it a second time as you will most likely not be paid. Good surveys give you instructions on how to fill in their surveys and a indication of the rules. The key to completing a survey is taking your time, reading all the questions even if you have seen them before. Pace yourself and don’t wonder off part way through which is so tempting at times. There are others taking the same survey and once the quota is full you won’t be paid without a fight.

It is best to keep signing up to more sites (the ones below are a great place to start) even though your not getting many surveys. They will come in time as the companies get to know more about you and trust you to complete many of the surveys they send. Rejections are part of survey taking. Try not to take it personally… the research company were just not looking for your demographics. If you lie to qualify they will eventually find out and ban you.

Is it worth making up a profile to get more work. Some survey takers do that and they say it works for them. I have found that it is fine just to be honest and consistent. That way you are not going to get blocked. Blocking is quite rare for honest survey takers and you only really get in trouble if you break their terms and conditions. e.g. taking surveys while overseas using proxy servers or regularly speeding through a survey or making things up to qualify.

My first introduction to survey taking in the US began 18 months ago with a few companies such as Swagbucks, Tellwut, Mintvine, etc.  Things have evolved since then and you will find a up to date list of higher paying survey sites that are currently paying each month. These are the ones I am personally using so the list does change.  There are some major ones missing from this list and this is because as survey sites change over time they are not always as good.

My current list of Cash Paying Survey Sites.

All are active and earning me money each week. Some more than others but they have been picked for quality of the actual surveys, the reliability of customer services and proven payouts.  You won’t get rich from these sites but you can earn $200 to $500 per month.  They are just part of my own personal income sources.  Comment below or PM me if you would like to know more ways to earn online.

Earningstation is a good site. It has been developing recently and that has turned out to be a good thing. There is a daily task list which I can now almost complete. Watching videos, that can mostly run all day, pays 2 c after about 15 minutes. You do have to click the verification for payment but it is a pretty steady trickle that is giving one $25 payout each month. Surveys wise they are hard to qualify for but can be higher paying (up to $12 each). There are a few survey panel invites and these can be good. Just check them out on Survey Police before accepting. Payment is via PayPal or vouchers.

Paid Viewpoint is a good website with short 10 question surveys that works well on phones and computers. They always seem to be one of the top reviewed survey site on survey police and that is understandable. Don’t expect big payouts. $15 every two months is more realistic. However surveys take less than 5 minutes and are fairly regular. Payment is via PayPal.

SpringboardAmerica is a good survey site that I use regularly. The quality of the surveys good and there are not too many rejections.  $10-20 per month from about 15-20 surveys. Payment is via PayPal. The minimum payout is $50 so it takes time to build up enough. Typically every 3 month as there are only about 5 surveys a week. I personally enjoy the quality of the actual surveys. They are often entertaining. Payment is via PayPal.

Opinionoutpost is a good survey site with plenty of surveys throughout the day. The quality of the surveys is fair to good. Rejection rates are not great and their basic survey only pays 50c for 20 minutes. Best to pick and choose your times. Payment is via PayPal and I usually average $20-$30 per month.

Branded Surveys (formerly MintVine) are getting much better now so are back on my list. The rejection rate is still high but they are earning me a regular income of $40+ per month. Payment is via PayPal and typically takes 3 or 4 days.

Epoll is a good survey site. Mostly TV and film surveys by email invitation only. Not too many surveys each week and most are around 15 minutes. Payment is via PayPal. I have recently been phasing them out as I don’t watch TV as much but the surveys still come in regularly.

Tellwut are not the highest payers but they do have a lot of surveys each day. I have noticed in the last month they are paying smaller amounts for the same length of surveys. They have also had more shorter surveys (5 to 6 minutes) that are worth considering. The fun surveys are really worth doing too and can be completed quickly. You will need to complete a regular survey every week or so to complete at least 100 points each day. Tellwut only pay out in vouchers, however I get a $10 Amazon voucher every month (4,000 points) for just a few minutes work each day.

SurveyJunkie are a pretty new site to me and seem to be slowing down now. I have had a couple of payouts (first one was a bit confusing) but customer services were excellent and responsive. The surveys are good with some really short 1-2 minute surveys 10 pts. 1000 points for a $10 PayPal payout. The email invites come in throughout the day only slowing on the weekend’s.

PureProfile are the fun side of survey taking. They have loads of profile surveys that take under a minute and you even get paid to do some of them. Survey invites are not so common and fill up really quickly however the surveys are usually under 5 minutes. I have not yet got to their minimum $20 payout (voucher) or $25 for PayPal. Since they don’t take up much time after doing the initial profile questions I am fine to think of this as a long term project. *Struggling to get to payout level. This may end up being a dead loss.

SurveySavvy has been sending a few more surveys recently. I have been able to cash out about twice a month (minimum cash out is $10 through Paypal) They are usually $1 to $2 each survey. I think it is going to take quite a while to get to a payout but will update here when I know more. *Qualification is getting harder but they do pay.

One Opinon is doing pretty well for me at the moment. A few problems getting a payout the first time but now seems pretty regular. The surveys are a bit hit or miss however the pay outs are getting higher.

Additional options:

I have started using a few mobile phone survey apps.  The most fun ones are 1Q (typically one question surveys) pay $0.25 straight into your PayPal account. Surveys On The Go surveys are usually under 10 minutes and pay up to $2.50 each. Payout level is $10 into your PayPal account. I also use the Pure Profile app and Cash out.

Cash out is good for being payed to play apps and they do have a few basic offer wall surveys. I average $20 in PayPal payments each month. You can also watch video. I like Cash out because they pay higher than most similar apps or websites for their offers, app reviews and videos.

Additional tips.

For a good sources of background information about survey sites it is highly advisable to search on google for the survey site name + reviews. Also check out as their website is free to use and a focal point for many survey takers.  You can leave and read comments plus see what the survey company is saying they actually offer.

One strong word of caution though… I have noticed some survey sites have large numbers of fake reviews. To see a good example of fake reviews have a look at ‘Point Club‘ The last 24 reviews are fake in my opinion. This survey site has been down around 2 stars for the last few years and rather than improve the site and let positive feedback happen naturally they have found a way to get lots of 4.5 to 5 start reviews. The reviewers were quite lazy too with full stops in the wrong places and very similar comments. Interestingly I have now even been approached by a company offering me money to give fake 5 star reviews.

Feel free to leave comments, ask questions or message me. 🙂

Written by Ivan Golden, Owner of Goldiers LLC ©

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