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Condition Guide

The following guide is for both maps and prints and is designed to help with working out the actual condition of the items on this website.

NEAR FINE: A print or map that is approaching a like new description.

FINE: Excellent condition with a couple of very minor defects or faults, which will be noted.

VERY GOOD: A print or map that showing some signs of wear. Any clear defects or faults will be noted.

GOOD: The average print or map that is complete and intact. Any defects such as closed tear would be noted.

FAIR: A worn and soiled print or map that is complete but may lack margins or have marks. Any major defects or faults will be noted.

POOR: A print or map that is sufficiently worn that it’s only merit is the way it looks. There will be more than one fault and this is not a collectible condition unless the item is exceptionally rare.

EX-LIBRARY: Has Library stamps and other similar marks. Will always be designated as such no matter what the condition of the print or map.

* Plus or minus is added when the print or map does not quite fit into one of the categories above.

Shipping options

We do offer custom shipping options. If you would like your order sent via FedEx or UPS please contact us. We offer their services for $10 based on the standard rates + $1 packing charge. Customers can also ship using their own courier accounts as long as we have a request before placing your order. Again a $1 packing charge applies.

Questions and Answers.

Q. How long will it take for my purchase to arrive?
A. We dispatch within 1 working day. Maps & Prints are posted via first class delivery from the UK. Delivery times in the US are typically 5 to 7 working days. Deliveries to the UK are usually in 2 to 3 working days.

Q. How do I empty my shopping cart.
A. Press the X button to the left of your item or change the quantity to 0 and click the Update Cart button.

Q. What sort of packaging do you use?
A. We use recycled materials when ever possible.
Small prints and maps are usually sent in flat stiff envelopes. Larger prints and maps
are sent in postal tubes to avoid damage in transit. All prints and maps as packed in acid free tissue paper.

Q. Do you ship worldwide?
A. Yes.

Q. Can I pay in my own currency?
A. Yes if paying through PayPal. US checks drawn on a US bank are accepted. Other foreign currency checks are not currently accepted due to bank charges and processing delays. Bank to bank transfers can be arranged. Please contact us to make such an arrangement.

You can contact us if your question is not answered and we will reply as soon as possible. Usually within a few hours.

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