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Can I Really Work From Home in the Philippines?

Last updated: May 18th 2019

Is it really possible to make a good additional part time income online in the Philippines?

Yes, it is really possible and I have done it myself. Up until April this year I was regularly doing surveys and making up to 1,650 PHP per survey. The highest payouts I got this year came from being part of panel and giving my feedback, usually through photos, blogs and a phone call.

Most of the surveys pay quite low amounts and it takes a long while to get to the payout stage. You will need a account but this is not as hard as it sounds. You can sign up on your mobile phone. Just adding your bank details (it is safe) and they will send a small deposit to your account. Go to your branch ATM/cash machine and look at the statement and there will be a short digital code (e.g. 1234) which you will need to confirm your PayPal account. The PayPal account is accessed through your email address and password. You can make withdrawals directly into your bank account.

It is not always the case and the more survey’s you do the higher the chance of being invited to a higher paying panel which could even include product testing. Product testing often means you get to keep the product afterwards plus you get paid well for completing a survey.

How to start….

The first place to start is to sign up to as many free survey sites as possible that actually pay a reasonable amount.  As there are good and bad sites with new ones launched every day it is helpful to have a guide.  Which is why I have written this article.

Once you have decided to start you can sign up to a few companies and fill in any information they request. The more information you give, the better targeted the surveys they send you will be. Be consistent and take your time. This is not a race. I would say the Philippines survey companies require you to fill in a lot of information and it can be boring as all the survey websites ask for the same information. However it does pay off in the end as your rejection rate is a lot less.

As you sign up to 5 or more sites you will start to get the odd survey. Don’t be put off if you get the same survey twice as this often happens in the Philippines. Just don’t take it a second time as you will most likely not be paid. Most surveys give you instructions on how to fill in their surveys. The key to completing a survey is taking your time, reading all the questions even if you have seen them before. Pace yourself and don’t wonder off part way through. There are others taking the same survey and once the quota is full you won’t be paid.

It is best to keep signing up to more sites (the ones below are a great place to start) even though your not getting many surveys. They will come in time as the companies get to know more about you and trust you to complete each survey they send. Rejections are part of survey taking. Try not to take it personally… the research company were just not looking for your demographics.

Is it worth making up a profile to get more work. Some survey takers do that and they say it works for them. I have found that it is fine just to be honest and consistent. That way you are not going to be blocked. Blocking is quite rare for honest survey takers and you only really get in trouble if you break their terms and conditions. e.g. taking surveys while overseas, using proxy servers or regularly speeding through a survey or making things up to qualify.

My current list of Cash Paying Survey Sites (Philippines).

All are active and have eventually earned me money through PayPal.  They are just part of my own personal income.  Comment below or PM me if you would like to know more ways to earn online.

Paid Viewpoint is a good website with short 10 question surveys that works well on phones and computers. They always seem to be one of the top reviewed survey site on surveypolice and that is understandable. Don’t expect big payouts. $15 every year is about it. However surveys take less than 5 minutes and are fairly regular. Check the site daily once or twice as the surveys some times fill up quickly. Payment is via PayPal.

Pure Profile is a fun website with what seems at first to be unlimited profile questions. However they are short and pretty fun to do. Once you have completed all your profile you will get the odd survey invite by email. Usually the surveys are 5 minutes or less and pay out up to $1.50 US. Payment is via PayPal. *Please be aware reaching payout is very slow.

Rakuten AIP is a Japanese run website and they are a well established company that does payout. Payment are through PayPal. I have not had too many surveys from this company but they are worth adding.



Quest Mindshare is a slow provider of surveys though I have done one or two. They pay out in Euro’s through PayPal which is kind of strange. It is easy and free to set up a euro’s account with PayPal then just transfer into your PayPal PHP account.



E-Research-Global surveys took a while to start but now come in fairly regularly.  They are usually under 50 PHP each but not too long. Personally, I have struggled to qualify for many of them.

Opini It took a few months but now the surveys come fairly regularly from this survey company. They are very international and pay via PayPal.

IPanelOnline Rather colorful Philippines only survey website. Some fun things to do and the surveys are usually quite good. Payment is via PayPal.

MOBROG send surveys fairly regularly. They tend to be rather long and the PHP payment is rather low, however the actual surveys are fine. Payment is via PayPal.

Viewfruit is a rather interesting website with a few different ways to earn points. I must admit to finding this site rather awkward to use though with both their app and website having browsing issues. Payment is via PayPal.

PanelStation is more of a collection of survey sites all in one place so you need to sign up to several panels. They regularly run competitions. Their app is available at Google Play & the App Store. Payment via PayPal.

Surveyon send surveys regularly. They are a little tough to qualify for and sometimes a bit too long. Payment is via PayPal.

Future Talkers is a panel that sometimes has projects. It is worth registering as the payments are good though I have not had a invite yet. Payment is via PayPal.


Other sites to consider are Clixsense & Prize Rebel. I do not recommend Prize Rebel as they are connected to SwagBucks and I was not paid last month so had to close my account.

Additional useful websites: For a good source of background information about survey sites it is highly advisable to go to Survey Their website is free to use and a focal point for survey takers.  You can search by country for surveys, leave and read comments by other survey takers.

I am still adding more active Philippines survey sites to this list every few weeks. If you know of a good survey site then please let me know and I will add it after a review.

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Feel free to leave comments, ask questions or message me. 🙂

Written by Ivan Golden, Owner of Goldiers LLC ©

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