Guide to Making Passive Income in 2019

In life nothing really comes easy however with hard work and time anything is possible. The following advice is based on my own experience earning a full time income online since 1999.

The first thing to note is there are experienced survey takers that earn really high incomes. Their strategy is based on building up relationships with the best paying survey panels. Depending on the country your based in the strategy will vary but it is really possible to do it worldwide now. That is because Amazon Mechanical Turk is available in most countries worldwide. Also there are now legit ways to earn Crypto currency (bitcoins) that avoids international payment restrictions.

The first part to building up to a full time income is to do the groundwork. The best place to start is Survey Police which is a review website for survey takers. The website is far from perfect as it is not always up to date and there are plenty of fake reviews. However the community there is real and active. Survey Police is a great way to make up your first list of survey websites.

I am registered to about 30 survey websites and panels. The top pros are registered to up to 300 and can pick and choose based on possible rewards and time involved. While you are starting out though it is advisable to have additional sources of income to fill in the time between surveys. These additional income sources can be very well paid to if you do plenty of research. However in the guide I will show you the main tips that could start you off straight away.


Top Tips

  • Don’t be afraid to take surveys on your smart phone. More and more survey companies are making surveys smartphone ready and that is great. There are even some instant payout surveys here in the US.
  • Take two or even three surveys at the same time. I use three laptops and also two smartphones. Taking surveys becomes a numbers game if you can handle more than one survey at the same time. You can start to pick and choose which survey companies are giving more completions and paying out the higher amounts.
  • Think outside the box. Surveys can be taken on Amazon Mechanical Turk. The academic surveys can pay well there with return invites. It takes time to build up your rating doing tasks but it is worth it in the end.
  • Crypto v Cash v Points. It actually doesn’t matter which method as long as you work out what each survey actually pays. I have found Crypto apps and websites tend to pay lower amounts compared to normal survey websites however that is not always the case.
  • Don’t restrict your thinking to just surveys. I have found website and game reviews also pay well. It can be quite tiring to do too many reviews back to back but as part of a full time income they can come in really handy. They really do break up the day.
  • Give yourself a financial target. I started off with a target of $5 per day ($150 per month) then gradually increased that over time. When you get to $30 ($900 per month) per day you really are full time.
  • Gift cards can really be useful and as good as cash in many ways. Amazon gift cards allow you to purchase so many things and they always feel like your getting a free gift. You can even buy and resell on eBay if you wanted too.
  • Get organised. Put all your apps and links in easy to find places. Try to put them is some sort of order too and regularly remove dead links as panels close. With a laptop or PC you can open up multiple links from one file.
  • Earn from watching videos while your busy. Making full use of your computer/phones time can come in very handy. There are video apps that can run all night so you earn while your sleeping. The payouts are small but they do add up over time.
  • Stay consistent with your profile. It really helps speed up the survey taking experience and makes a lot less stressful.

Just as important as the things that keep your income coming in are being up to date with internet trends and avoiding the scams. I research every possible income source before giving it a go. There are literally millions of scams on YouTube but every once in a while something interesting turns up. Personally, I have avoided bitcoin mining as the payouts are really too small plus the currency can be unstable. It could reduce the life of your phone/laptop/pc.

making money doing surveys

Starting out you do not need a powerful phone/laptop/pc. I use a $25 & $100 smartphone, $60  Chromebook, $180 Windows laptop (the worst choice but is needed for some surveys and review sites) and a $280 mid range Chromebook. I add more equipment every 6 to 12 months though my oldest laptop is now 5 years old and still works great.

The actual survey sites I use day in day out changes quite often as some survey sites are paying often or have higher paying surveys.


My Current Top Paying Survey Sites

*Please note these are for US based residents and are not available in every country.

  1. Branded Surveys
  2. Springboard America
  3. One Opinion
  4. Opinion Outpost
  5. Pinecone Research (No direct signups. Survey Police sometimes have a link though)
  6. Product Report Card
  7. Survey Junkie
  8. Paid Viewpoint

I do use other survey websites but these are the ones that are either quick, well paid or give benefits like product tests and panel invites.

To fill in time between surveys I typically watch videos on EarningStation, InstaGC and Inbox Dollars.

Earning crypto (Bitcoins, etc.) while watching videos can be done through


Website Reviews and Games Reviews

Website and game builders want your reviews to make better products. They pay you to review and even though it takes a bit of time to get used to speaking into a camera. The payments are good. Typically $5 to $50 per assignment. Most assignments are 15 minutes to 60 minutes.

  1. User Testing
  2. What Users Do
  3. UserLytics
  4. PlayTestCloud

Apps that Pay

I have noticed that survey apps are much more responsive and also intrusive. If you regularly open the app you tend to get more surveys. Also if your in a shopping area they often target specific shopping related surveys while your there. Another thing to be aware of is that many survey companies want to put their tracker apps on your phone. I am not keen to do that myself.

  1. Branded Surveys
  2. Tellwut
  3. 1Q
  4. Cash Out (code MKHEXU72 for an additional 50 coin start)
  5. Tellwut
  6. Pure Profile
  7. SOTG
  8. Inbox Dollars

All of the above have apps or can be accessed through a browser. Cash Out is the only one on the list I use for the download and play apps.

Additional resources:

  1. Three Online Jobs You Can Start Today and Make Great Money.

Other survey websites that can be useful at times but are second tier include: Tellwut, Pure Profile, MOBROG and Survey Savvy. I have tried nearly all the other main survey/get paid to websites and have only listed the ones that actually pay. Past experiences with companies like Swagbucks have taught me to stay well clear as a more reliable income source is preferable.

If you have any questions then please do leave a comment or contact me. You can follow me on social media too:

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* Please note that some of the above links are referral links and I would get a small payment from the survey companies. There is no need to use the links I provide though it does help me to keep writing up to date blogs.

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